This page is for all of us who are missing Lucas’ weekly children’s time prayers.  Check back regularly for new prayers written by Lucas!  Thank you Lucas for all you do!

Lord we pray today for the Emergency Services workers who are called to save lives every day we pray for the Dispatchers who send the calls out. We pray for them to be safe for we pray in the name of Jesus as we say amen.

Loving and holy God we pray for the safety of the Knox family and children during Covid 19.

 Kind God we pray for Mary at Terrace Lodge to see me again. For we pray in the name of Jesus as we all say Amen

Lord Jesus as we go through this together help us to see that you are at work in our lives. Loving God lift us up so we can see you are at work during this time.  For we pray in the name of Christ Amen.


Father, we pray for all the police officers and EMS workers on duty today and we also pray for all the VON and Terrace Lodge PSW’s. Father help us all to fight this, for we pray in the name Christ as we all say Amen.