During Covid 19, our special events look a little different! Join us online every Sunday at 10:30am on our livestream (or watch us later in the week!). Our services are available through our website, on facebook, and on youtube.

To view “11 Months and Counting” ( a seminar on mental health during the pandemic led by Jennifer Holt, registered psychotheraptist) – click here: https://vimeo.com/knoxstthomas/11-months-and-counting

March 7th 10:30am Communion service online (bring your own elements!)

March 10th and March 24th 10:30am Zoom Bible Study (contact the minister for the link)

March 10th 7:00 pm Christian Education Meeting over zoom

March 14th 11:30am Annual Congregational Meeting over zoom.

March 17th 7:00pm Session Meeting over zoom

March 21st 2pm Art with Stella (over zoom) for children

March 25th 10am Organ and Music meeting over zoom

Back in the days when we had finger food! (February 2020)