Stressed out?   Exhausted?   Having a hard time getting to sleep?

You are not alone!

The Canadian Association for Mental Health tells us that even when we are safe and well, living in the midst of a global pandemic is stressful!  Our normal lives and routines have been disrupted; many of us are missing seeing and hugging family and friends; in addition, we still have no time line and so planning for the future is difficult.   It is normal to feel worried or anxious, to have trouble sleeping, to have difficulty getting up in the morning, and to feel more tired than usual.

Joy Wendling, in consultation with a local therapist has compiled some simple helpful exercises that we can do at home to help lower feelings of anxiety during this time apart.   Remember, we are in this together.  Do not hesitate to pick up the phone to call me or Meghan if you need a listening ear.  And hold tight to the old Persian adage:  “This too shall pass.”

 Simple Coping Tips for dealing with Covid 19 Anxiety
Compiled by Joy Wendling

Dealing with an anxious friend?

Here’s a few basics to help you help others….