The Session is the chief governing body of the church in Presbyterian congregations.  The Session is made up of ruling elders  who have been elected by the congregation and ordained by God, and a teaching  elder (or minister.)  At Knox, there are 35 ruling elders.  Our meetings are moderated by Rev. Mavis Currie.   The Session  at Knox oversees a number of committees that do the work of the church. Some of these committees are “governing committees” and other are “ministry committees”.    In order to join  a governing committee, your name must be approved at a congregational meeting.  Ministry committees can be joined midyear, with approval at a subsequent congregational meeting.  There are also a number of groups within our church.  To find more about the groups of our church, look under the “Grow” heading on our website.

Governing Committees

The Knox Board of Managers

Rodney Outreach and Scholarship Fund

The Trustees of the Church

Human Resources

Leading with Care

Organ and Music

Ministry Committees

Pastoral Care


Christian Education