Camp Kintail has been a place of opportunity, growth and fun for many years for our children and youth at Knox. It is located about 2 hours away on the shores of Lake Huron, near Goderich

For eighty six years, Camp Kintail has had the wonderful privilege of serving thousands of children, youth and campers of all ages. The ministry of Camp Kintail has touched and changed lives by being faithful to the gospel and introducing children and young people to the rewards and challenges of living in Christian community.

It is our pleasure to celebrate successful summer programs, full camps, energetic campers and dedicated staff.   It continues to be our privilege to offer a classic summer camping program providing the opportunity to talk about God in a natural setting, to play hard, to meet lifelong friends, to see a bigger world and to be affirmed in the love of God.

The small group experience at Kintail emphasizes co-operative living, team work and individual excellence. All campers gain a greater understanding and acceptance of diversity and respect for other campers and their local and global community. Young people gain an important sense of belonging to a group in an emotionally secure and safe setting.

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