Knox Presbyterian Church

Stepping forward in faith.

Founded over 185 years ago, Knox Church has been a place of sanctuary and hope in St. Thomas for almost two centuries.  Rooted in the traditions of the church, Knox is a place of worship, community and service.   A vibrant congregation with people from all walks of life,  we  seek to see one another through the eyes of Christ, and to be Christ’s presence in St. Thomas and in the world.
At Knox, we know that the life of faith is not always easy or a straight line.  Some of us are long time Presbyterians, others come from other faith traditions.  Some of us have grown up in the church, and others are just beginning to learn the stories of Scripture and to think about the life of faith.    We strive to be a church where all are welcome, and where we can walk together as brothers and sisters in Christ.
   Join us for worship on Sunday mornings at 10:30am.
“To all who seek comfort and would find rest; to old and young, wise and unlearned, rich and poor, saint and sinner, this church opens wide its doors and in the name of Jesus Christ bids you welcome to our Father’s house.”